Making oil companies fund public transportation.

It's time to make big polluters pay citizens who have a lower carbon footprint and demand that fossil fuel companies fund public transportation for all.

Your tram, bus, and train tickets are too expensive, while big polluters don’t pay enough taxes for the CO2 emissions they generate. Big polluters owe billions to citizens, the campaign Footprint Justice points at the historical and present responsibility in producing ever more fossil fuel, while citizens struggle by paying expensive and dysfunctional public transportation. This is unfair, Footprint Justice wants to make big polluters pay for the Carbon Debt to generate a Footprint Credit for citizens taking low Carbon Footprint public transportation. Read more about the Footprint Justice project.


Claim Footprint Credits

Participate in the collective claim to get free public transportation in Europe. Send the claim for refund of your bus, tram, train ticket to the European Commission. Read more about it.

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